Finding a Propane Tank Leak

Propane leak gadgetDo you have reason to believe your propane tank may be leaking? The most typical sign of a possible leak is the smell. Propane has an odor that has been described as “rotten egg, skunk, or dead animal.” This odor is added to the propane (which is typically odorless) for safety reasons so that you can detect a leak if it occurs. If you suspect that your tank or gas line is leaking, turn off all propane appliances and immediately contact your Burlington, NC, propane supplier.

How to Locate the Leak Safely:

There is a way to locate the leak yourself, if you are so inclined. Simply mix a solution of water and dish soap together and apply it liberally using a spray bottle or simply a sponge or rag. You will notice bubbles at the site of the leak, indicating that propane is seeping out at that location. The more bubbles you see, the faster the leak. You can also skip the soap step and call your propane supplier as soon as you smell propane. By allowing a professional to check your tank and gas line you can be absolutely certain that if there is a leak, it is properly detected and repaired. Do not use a lit match to detect a leak. That practice is extremely dangerous. You never want a flame anywhere near your propane tank or gas line.

What to Do if you Find a Leak:

If you detect a leak, it is best to call your propane supplier to repair the leak or replace your tank. Do not attempt to repair it yourself. If the repair is faulty and your tank or line continues to leak, you could lose an expensive amount of propane in a short period of time. It also jeopardizes the safety of your home and family to allow a leak to go unattended. Turn off all appliances in your home that use propane until your supplier can verify that it is safe to continue use.

Rely on Berico for All your Burlington, NC, Propane and HVAC Needs

Trust your propane tank, line, and furnace to Alamance Oil, your reliable Burlington, NC, propane supplier and HVAC specialist. One of the biggest advantages of being an Alamance Oil customer is that your furnace and propane tank are both maintained by the same company. Even your air conditioning can be maintained, making your propane supplier your whole home comfort service. When you can make one call for all your HVAC needs, you save time and money. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t even have to call? You can sign up for a Comfort and Protection Service Plan that includes regular maintenance and propane deliveries on a predetermined schedule based on your typical propane usage. Propane deliveries and maintenance include tank inspection to detect any possible leaks or issues with your tank so that you can have worry-free home comfort.

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