Get Your HVAC Unit Checked in Time for Spring and Warm Weather

Soon enough, blazing hot weather will be moving back into the area and you’ll want to be sure that your HVAC system is ready for the extreme heat challenges ahead. As temperatures soar, your air conditioner is going to be pressed back into action, and even if it was working fine when last summer and fall ended, you need to have basic maintenance performed so it can keep up with the hot weather that is on the way.


As a team of leading AC contractors in High Point, Berico is the easy selection when you need any kind of repair or maintenance performed on your system. Simply call today to schedule an appointment and the Berico team will take it from there.


The Value of an Annual Inspection

When your HVAC system is running, it’s easy enough to think that you don’t need to do anything with it. That approach might get you by for a while, but eventually, you’ll run into trouble. It’s a good idea to simply plan on having an annual inspection completed where your whole system can be checked out and basic maintenance points can be handled. These affordable appointments don’t take very long and will set you up for a summer of nice cool air blowing throughout your home.


Check on the Air Filter

Something you can do on your own to improve the performance of your HVAC system is to make sure the air filter is changed out regularly. This is a simple job that only takes a matter of moments to complete, as long as you have the right filter on hand and ready to install. When your system is working hard – as it does in the summer months to keep the house cool – you’ll want to think about replacing the filter monthly. During the times of year when the system isn’t running as often, switching it out every three months should be just fine. A fresh filter will allow the system to breathe freely and will optimize the cooling performance that you experience.  A great way to keep up with filter changes is to take advantage of the Berico filter service through FilterFetch. With FilterFetch, homeowners can benefit from swift and complementary filter delivery, eliminating concerns about filter shortages or compatibility issues. Additionally, customers receive automated filter change reminder emails, ensuring timely replacements for enhanced indoor air quality and HVAC system performance. These reminders are sent periodically, aligning with your filter change frequency to maintain optimal HVAC system operation. Click on this link to sign up for Berico’s filter delivery service


Consider a New Thermostat

While you are thinking about your HVAC system, consider upgrading an old thermostat to a newer model. Modern thermostats have plenty of advanced features that weren’t available on older versions, such as the ability to connect with your smartphone and make changes on the go. A new thermostat can also help to make your whole system more efficient by making it easy to dial in precisely the right schedule for your needs.


Whether it is time for AC repairs or you happen to need AC installation in High Point, the first step is the same – just call Berico to get started. You are sure to get great value and honest service when you team up with Berico on this important job.  Call Berico today.