Greensboro Commercial Heating and Cooling Comfort For Employees

Commercial HeatingComfort levels are different for each unique individual. One office employee may be wearing a scarf and jacket in the office, while a coworker is using a fan and wearing short sleeves. This can be challenging for business owners, since it has been proven that temperature affects office productivity. As the owner of a company, you want to find the right temperature that will keep the majority of your employees at the peak comfort level, while not making the others uncomfortable.

At Berico Fuels, we provide energy efficient HVAC systems that have programmable thermostats with numerous options for settings. You can optimize your office’s comfort levels by programming the thermostat to keep an ideal temperature setting during working hours. In a study by Andrews Sykes Hire, the following eye opening statistics were found for Greensboro business owners:

“…almost a third of employees lose productivity because they aren’t comfortable with the temperatures in their offices. The fact is, temperature affects people very differently thanks to a number of factors, including gender, clothing, and metabolic rate. And only 24% of survey-takers agreed that their office temperature was suitable for working through the entire year.”

Increase comfort levels and increase productivity

Why are 80% of employees complaining about the office temperature? There are personal factors and environmental factors that cause the variations, such as what you wear and your metabolic rate. Wearing heavier clothing in the winter and getting more exercise will help employees to stay warmer. The humidity level, air velocity differences, air temperature and radiant temperature also affect your comfort level indoors. It could be sunny and warm outside, with higher humidity levels inside, resulting in warmer than usual temperatures indoors. As a business owner, if you can spend a day in the various offices, cubicles and workstations to determine if the airflow and temperatures are sufficient, you will have gained insight into the problem areas or be able to move employees into spaces where they will be more comfortable. If you find that the Greensboro commercial heating and cooling system is not circulating the air properly to all of the work areas, it is time to make an HVAC service call.

Commercial heating and air repairs

A suspected problem with your commercial HVAC system should be followed up with a call to Berico Heating and Cooling. We will send a certified and dependable technician to perform a complete inspection and diagnostic evaluation of your system and determine if a repair is needed. Regular tune-ups are necessary to keep your commercial heating and cooling system performing at peak capacity. At Berico Fuels, our maintenance programs will provide you with our high quality, thorough inspections that prevent leaks and extend the life of your commercial HVAC system.

Increase office productivity levels by maintaining the optimal temperature in your office environment, adjusting slightly when humidity levels or radiant temperatures cause differing comfort levels. At Berico Heating and Cooling, we will help you with your commercial heating and cooling needs in Greensboro, including HVAC installations, repairs and maintenance. Call us today at 336-273-8663.