Greensboro Propane is better than Electricity

Greensboro PropaneWhen it comes to energy sources for your home, you have a few choices. Two of the most common are propane and electricity. For the many appliances our modern homes are equipped with, most are probably electrical. But they don’t have to be. A lot of appliances, even ones you may not expect, can be propane-fueled. Propane is cheaper and more efficient in most cases than electricity. And propane can be delivered right to your Greensboro home.

Propane Used for Heat

Propane is most commonly used as a heat source. In comparison to electricity, propane delivers a more consistent warmth that lasts longer and feels cozier. And because propane heats more efficiently than electricity, it costs less than electric heat. A little bit goes a long way.

Propane for Water Heaters

Propane is also used in water heaters. Propane heats water faster than electricity and again, does so more efficiently. There are also tankless water heaters that use propane to heat water only as it is needed rather than heating water constantly despite demand. This is much more energy efficient because the water heater will not use any energy when there is no demand for hot water. Another bonus is that you can never run out of hot water.

Propane for Cooking

Propane stoves and ovens are also more energy efficient than their electric counterparts. Even culinary experts prefer cooking with propane over electric.

Propane Used in the Laundry

Even laundry can be more efficient when you have a propane dryer. Drying clothes can be a major part of your electric bill.

Leisure items use Propane Too

Propane can even be used to heat pools and hot tubs. Luxury items don’t have to raise your electric bill. Propane is also a safer energy source where water is concerned.

Propane is Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Propane is safe for your family and the earth. It burns clean and emits fewer greenhouse gases than other fuels. It’s non-toxic and will not contaminate soil or ground water.

Converting to Propane

If you are considering switching any of your household appliances to propane, a reputable propane supplier can help. Berico Fuels has been delivering propane in Greensboro and the surrounding area since 1924. Berico Fuels also offers free estimates for making the switch to propane.

Propane Greensboro Delivery

Berico Fuels offers 24-hour emergency service for propane delivery. Service plans are available for propane delivery in Greensboro so that you never run out. Berico offers free tank swap out for new customers as well. If you’re ready to see how much you could save by switching to propane, contact Berico Fuels at 336-273-8663.