Propane Delivery in Burlington: It’s Not Just for Heat

Propane Delivery in BurlingtonPropane has been used to heat homes for years. You’ve probably used it for grilling. It’s a clean-burning, efficient source of energy that you can have it delivered right to your home. Alamance Oil has been delivering propane to folks in Burlington and the surrounding area since 1924, and they can deliver it to you too.

Household Uses for Propane in Burlington

  • Heat: propane furnaces provide a comfortable and sustaining warmth for your home. Compared to other heat sources, propane is more efficient and cheaper.
  • Water heaters: propane heats water faster than natural gas and electricity. Tankless water heaters use propane to heat water only as it is needed.
  • Stove/Oven: propane ranges are also available, replacing electric and gas stoves.
  • Grills: propane grills get hot faster than charcoal and burn much cleaner.

Propane is Easy on the Earth

Propane burns cleaner and emits fewer greenhouse gases than other fuels. It is also non-toxic and does not contaminate ground water or soil. Still today a lot of electricity is generated by burning coal, which does not burn cleanly. Using propane can eliminate the need for some of the electricity your home uses.

American Made

Propane is produced, transported, and distributed in the US, keeping jobs here in our country. Using propane supports an American industry.

For the Future

Propane is usable as an alternative to gasoline in vehicles too. It is the third most used fuel after gasoline and diesel fuel. It is mostly used in buses, trucks, vans, shuttles, taxicabs, and government vehicles. As gas and diesel prices rise, propane may become much more common as a vehicle fuel.

Propane is Cost Efficient

When it comes right down to the bottom line, propane is cheaper than other fuel sources. And it is more efficient, meaning you get more energy out of a little bit of propane than you do out of more of other fuels.

Propane Delivery in Burlington

There are a few thing to consider when choosing a propane supplier. Of course, you want to find a reliable company who will deliver your propane at a reasonable price. Alamance Oil delivers propane to Burlington and surrounding areas automatically so that you never run out of fuel. If you heat your home with propane and you run out on a cold day, you may have to wait for your propane to be delivered or pay extra for an emergency delivery with other suppliers. Alamance Oil knows how to calculate the amount you will most likely use during a certain amount of time based on the weather, the size of your home, and number of appliances you have that use propane. The longer you are with Alamance Oil, the more accurate they will be in predicting your usage and delivery needs. If you are not already using propane, the experts at Alamance Oil can help you make the transition. Sign up for propane delivery or speak to one of our propane experts at 336-226-9371.