How Can I Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

When you see reports about air quality on the news, what you are seeing is measures of the outdoor air quality in your area. That’s important, to be sure, but it’s not the whole story. The air inside your home is arguably more important, as this is where you sleep and spend much of your time. Poor indoor air quality could lead to health problems in the future.


This article will touch on some basic points for how you can improve air quality in your home. If you decide to upgrade your equipment as part of this project, turn to Berico for HVAC in Greensboro that you can trust.


Use the Right Equipment

Perhaps the first thing you can do for the air quality in your home is to upgrade the HVAC equipment in the home. On a basic level, just running your HVAC system and having the air pass through the air filter that is included in the system will help, but that’s not going to do enough to make sure your air is clean. For that, you’ll want to use a purifying device.


Berico is proud to offer a couple of different options to clients who want cleaner air. Those are the iWave and the Phenomenal Aire system, each of which can help by producing ions that will clean the air. Things that can be addressed by such air purifiers include pathogens, particles, smoke, and other odors. After the installation of one of these devices, you will immediately notice the incredible improvement in your air. And, since they work in the background without the need for you to do anything, you’ll just get to go about your normal life while breathing dramatically improved air.


Bring In Some Plants

In addition to using the right HVAC equipment, you can also benefit from the power of nature in your home. Plants are incredibly effective for improving the air, which is why the air in areas with lots of plants always feels and smells so fresh. Adding some indoor plants will not only help you get an immediate upgrade in air quality, but it will also bring your space to life and give it a nice aesthetic appeal.


Change Your Air Filter Regularly

We already mentioned that your air filter is going to do some of the work on this matter, but it can only do that work if you keep up with swapping it out frequently. This is an easy job and new air filters tend to be very affordable. Make it a point to change the air filter at least a few times per year, and do it more often in the summer when you are using your air conditioner frequently.


Beyond air quality projects, Berico can also handle AC repair in Greensboro, AC installation, and many other types of projects. Whatever your HVAC-related needs may be, the job starts by getting in touch with Berico to learn more.