Should You Repair or Replace Your AC Unit?

One of the trickiest decisions for any air conditioning owner is whether to repair or replace the unit when something goes wrong. Many AC repairs are pretty simple and straightforward, but that’s not always the case. When you are faced with a costlier repair, the idea of simply going with a new AC installation instead is certain to go through your mind. This article will help you make this important decision.


Whether you opt for repair or replacement, there is no doubt that Berico is the right partner to have on hand for the job. Take a moment now to get in touch with the Berico team to learn more.


Age is More Than a Number

In this case, age does matter in terms of making a good decision. If you have a particularly old air conditioning unit serving your home – something aged around 15 years or more – it’s very likely going to be the case that replacing the system is the way to go. Modern air conditioners are far more efficient than old ones, meaning you’ll get much better performance if you upgrade. A new air conditioner is going to use less energy, meaning your utility bills will come down, and you’ll save money month after month.


There is also the prospect of ongoing repairs to consider. If you repair the old air conditioner now, it’s rather likely that another problem is going to come up soon. You can break the cycle of costly repairs by just going for the new system now and knowing you are set for years to come.


Do You Have a Warranty?

This might go without saying, but if there is warranty coverage still in effect on your air conditioner, that will influence your decision in a significant way. You might be able to get some or all of the repair paid for, in which case it makes sense to just go ahead with the repair and think about opting for a new air conditioner at some point in the future.


Talk to the Professionals

There are just so many factors to consider when trying to make this choice. Between the cost of the repair you are facing, the age of your air conditioner, what exactly is wrong with it, how it has been maintained over the years, and on and on. Rather than trying to make the decision alone, without experience or knowledge in the industry, you can get help directly from Berico to make the choice. You won’t be sold on one option or the other – you’ll just be given the facts and a perspective that helps you decide what to do next.


At Berico, heating and air conditioning projects are made easy. With over 100 years in the industry and a great reputation for fair pricing and quality work, all of the stress will be taken out of this process. Get in touch right away to put your AC worries to bed!