How Does Propane Heat Work?

There are many different forms of energy that are used to heat buildings in the modern world, including electricity, natural gas, and more. Propane sometimes gets overlooked in this conversation, but it can be an outstanding fuel source for effective and affordable heating. The article below is going to look at the basics of how propane heat works and why it is an appealing choice for property owners.


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An Efficient, Effective Solution

Using a propane furnace in your home is a great way to heat the space without breaking the bank. Propane heat works essentially the same way that any other type of furnace works – the only difference is that propane is the energy source used to create heat and warm the air in the home. Here’s a breakdown of the basics of how a propane furnace gets the job done –


  • When your furnace kicks on because the temperature in your home (as measured by the thermostat) drops below a set point, the propane ignites and is used to heat up the heat exchanger


  • Next, air will be pulled into the system, through an air filter and into the area where the heat exchanger ix. This has the obvious effect of heating up the air that has been pulled into the system from the home


  • The newly warmed air will now be forced out by a blower fan and sent through the ducts and out the vents into your house.


  • The system will continue to run until the house has been properly heated based on the settings of the thermostat, and it will then shut off. This cycle repeats throughout the cold months of the year to keep your home at a comfortable temperature


Is a Propane Furnace a Good Choice?

If you are currently shopping for a new furnace, you might be trying to decide on what type of energy you’d like to use to heat your home. You could opt for propane, or you might be tempted by electricity to just be able to plug your furnace into the grid like the rest of your appliances.


While a variety of energy types can work for a furnace in your home, propane is a great pick for many reasons. It tends to be more affordable than other energy sources – like electricity – and propane furnaces usually last quite a long time. Also, there is the added benefit of the clean-burning nature of propane, making it a great choice for the environmentally minded.


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