Is Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel the Same as Diesel?

Diesel fuel is a major player in the U.S. market. While it is primarily used in commercial applications, there are also plenty of private passenger vehicles that run on diesel. Specifically, bigger pickup trucks often come equipped with diesel engines, largely due to the pulling capacity that a diesel engine can produce. If you have come across the term “ultra-low sulfur diesel” when looking for fuel, you may be confused as to what that means and why it is important. This article will clear up any confusion and set the record straight.


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They Are the Same – Except They Aren’t

So, the answer to the title question for this article is a bit confusing. Basically, the standard for diesel in the United States today is for all diesel fuel that is sold commercially to be ultra-low sulfur diesel, or ULSD. In other words, if you were to stop by a gas station and use a pump to get diesel, you would be getting ultra-low sulfur diesel – there is no other option available today.


Historically, diesel fuel had a higher level of sulfur content. This led to dangerous emissions when the fuel was burned, so a variation that was lower in sulfur was developed to address this problem. By cutting back on how much sulfur is in the diesel that is used by vehicles and engines in other machines across the country, the volume of harmful emissions produced has been reduced dramatically. Both on-road and off road diesel (and heating oil) is now ultra low sulfur and is the only type Berico sells.


In the end, the history of diesel and the transition to ultra-low sulfur diesel doesn’t matter much for the average fuel user. All you need to know is that when you ask for diesel fuel, whether it is being delivered or you are using a pump, what you will receive is ultra-low sulfur. You don’t need to ask for ULSD specifically because this is the only type of diesel available.


Reliable Diesel Delivery

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