How Often is HVAC Maintenance Needed?

All mechanical systems need maintenance. Even the best equipment needs to be maintained over time if it is going to continue to work properly. The HVAC system in your home is no exception to this rule, yet many people don’t know how frequently they are supposed to be providing that system with care. This post is going to outline some timing basics that you should keep in mind for Greensboro HVAC repair.


When the time comes to schedule some work on your HVAC system, Berico should be your first call. With great prices and an excellent reputation in the area, Berico is up to any challenge.


A Simple Starting Point

For a basic answer to the title question in this article, you should plan on having your HVAC system maintained twice per year. By bringing a professional team like Berico out regularly to go through the whole system, clean dirty parts, and address any issues that have popped up, you’ll be in great shape moving forward. It’s far better to stay ahead of the game and care for your system proactively than to respond to problems as they pop up and hope for the best.


Of course, many people in the Greensboro area have two systems working within their HVAC setup, as they have a heating side and a cooling side to deal with. In that case, you might want to split up the maintenance and have a total of two visits – one for heating and one for cooling. With this arrangement, it makes sense to do your heating maintenance in the fall before that system is pressed into action, and the cooling maintenance done in the spring right before the hot weather arrives.


Sign Up for a Service Plan

Perhaps the best way to address the maintenance needs of your HVAC system is to sign up for a service plan that will cover the cost of your various maintenance needs throughout the year. Berico offers a valuable plan that saves customers money while making sure they get the ongoing maintenance needed to get outstanding HVAC results. Instead of breaking up the service visits, as discussed above, you can have everything covered in a single annual visit, for a low monthly cost.


When you sign up for the Berico Premium Plan, you get both an annual heating and cooling tune-up service included in the price. This way, you aren’t surprised by those bills when they roll around, and you won’t forget to schedule an appointment. But you get much more than just maintenance with this plan. Also included in the price is a significant discount on things like diagnostic visits and repairs, after-hours repairs, and more.


Use the Right Partner

Having HVAC repair and maintenance performed regularly is important, as is picking the right contractor for the job. To make sure the maintenance done on your HVAC in Greensboro NC is handled properly, Berico is the right way to go. Get in touch today to schedule your appointment.