Preparing your AC to Handle Allergens

wild weeds and pollenYou probably know that springtime is one of the worst times of the year for allergies. With all of the extra pollen in the air from trees, plants, and flowers it can be an allergy sufferer’s nightmare. But what you may not know is that the top culprit for spreading allergens around your home is your HVAC system. Allergens like pollen, dust, pet dander, and more can get through your AC filters and into your ducts. Those allergens are then blown out through your vents to contaminate your indoor air. However, there are ways to prevent the spread of allergens through your HVAC system. These suggestions will also improve your HVAC efficiency and delay the need for AC replacement in Eden.

Have your HVAC System Professionally Cleaned

The first step in preparing your AC to handle allergens is to schedule a professional cleaning of your system. Dust, pollen, and other allergens will build up in your system over time, lowering the efficiency of your HVAC system and spreading allergens throughout your home. A thorough cleaning will remove these allergens, improving both the energy efficiency of your AC and your indoor air quality.

Use High-Quality HVAC Filters

Basic air filters will remove a lot of particles from the air. But high-quality air filters can remove more allergens and finer particles from the air in your home as it moves through your HVAC system. After a thorough cleaning of your system, you can keep it clean with high-quality filters.

Get your Ducts Professionally Cleaned

If you’ve been using basic air filters in your HVAC system, there’s a good chance your ductwork is full of allergens. You can have your system cleaned, but if you don’t also clean your ducts you could end up right back where you started in no time at all.

Have an Air Purification System Installed

There are many different air purifiers out on the market, but the most effective types are those that work directly with your HVAC system. An air purification system can be installed in your existing ductwork that will not only filter out the smallest of particles, but even create new clean air to be released into your home.  

Consider AC Replacement in Eden if you have an Older, Less Efficient System

If your HVAC system is old, especially your air conditioner, it is not operating efficiently. A system that is 10 years old or older is significantly less efficient than those manufactured today. An older system is more likely to spread allergens because it has accumulated more dust and particles over time. And older, less efficient systems are not as effective at filtering particles out of the air. Consider AC replacement in Eden to achieve higher quality indoor air with fewer allergens.

Carolina Fuels can Help Improve your Indoor Air Quality with AC Replacement in Eden

If you or someone in your household is suffering from allergies, you may see significant improvement when you invest in a new HVAC system. Combine AC replacement in Eden with clean ducts, high-quality air filters, and an air purification system for the best possible results. Are you ready to improve your allergy symptoms? Call Carolina Fuels today: (336) 623-9741.