3 Ways the Weather can Affect your Air Conditioner

lightning strikeIt should come as no surprise that the temperature outside affects your air conditioner’s performance. The weather outside is the reason you have an air conditioning system in the first place. While the weather can affect your AC in a variety of ways, the best way to keep your system operating properly is to schedule professional AC repair in Greensboro each year.


  • Performance. The outside temperature can affect your AC’s performance. When the temperature outside is in the middle range, your AC operates one way, using the heat exchanger to transfer heat from inside your home to the outside. When the temperature outside is hotter, your AC operates another way, where the compressor does more of the work to create cool air. The hotter it is, the harder your AC will have to work. An older system that is in need of maintenance will have a more difficult time operating in hotter temperatures. An extreme heat wave could send an air conditioner that is on its last legs right over the edge into system failure.
  • Efficiency. The hotter the outside temperatures, the harder your AC will have to work to achieve your desired indoor temperature. It then requires more energy to perform and its efficiency lowers. Air conditioners are assigned a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) that indicates the level of efficiency you can expect. The higher the SEER, the better its efficiency in hot temperatures. An air conditioner with a SEER of 14 or higher is considered efficient. A SEER of 18 or higher is a high-efficiency system.
  • Can cause damage. Extreme weather can actually cause damage to the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. Hail can cause denting or other damage to metal of the outdoor unit. High winds and especially tornadoes can do significant damage to your AC from falling branches to upheaval. If lightning strikes your outdoor unit it can do damage to the electrical systems inside. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent acts of nature that can damage your system. But you can take a few precautions: turn off your AC during a thunderstorm and cover your outdoor unit with a tarp or a cover designed specifically for air conditioners if the forecast calls for high winds.


Help your HVAC System Battle the Weather with Preventative AC Repair in Greensboro

Is the weather outside keeping your AC from operating at peak efficiency? While it’s true that extreme heat can make your AC less efficient, you can optimize your system’s energy efficiency by keeping it tuned up. Yearly AC repair in Greensboro before the warm season begins can significantly increase the performance of your system and its overall energy usage. Battle the weather with a Comfort and Protection Service Agreement from Berico, which includes twice yearly maintenance for your AC and furnace, heating fuel discounts, 20% off diagnostic and repairs, priority service, and more. Eliminate the worry that your AC is not up to the task of keeping your home cool despite extreme weather. Trust your AC to Berico: (336) 273-8663.