Three Ways Furnace Repair Can Actually Save You Money

Photo of the amount of money you save with furnace repairWhat is the reason that you opt out of furnace maintenance? Is it the cost? If you live in Eden and think that furnace repair isn’t worth the money, think again. You may think your furnace is working just fine, simply because it comes on and it heats your home well enough each year. But there may be parts that are wearing out that could break unexpectedly and cause your furnace to quit. Dirt, dust, and soot build up over time and impede the efficiency of your furnace. Before you pass on a furnace tune-up, consider the top 3 ways furnace repair in Eden NC can actually save you money.

  1. Avoid emergency repairs. If it has ever happened to you, you never forget it. Your furnace goes out in the middle of the night and you wake up freezing. Of course it’s the middle of the night or a weekend, right? After hours fees apply and you end up paying more for repairs. A fall tune-up each year can prevent unexpected breakdowns. It is worth the small fee for preventative maintenance if it saves you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair or replacement fees.
  2. Improve furnace efficiency. When your furnace is repaired, clean, and in good working order it runs more efficiently. It doesn’t have to work as hard, it uses less heating fuel, and it keeps your home more comfortable so that you can keep the thermostat set lower. All of these things will save you significant money on heating costs.
  3. Discounts, rewards, and benefits. When you are on a maintenance plan with your heating and air conditioning company, you get extra benefits. A Comfort and Protection Service Agreement with Carolina Fuels brings with it heating fuel discounts, 20% off repairs and diagnostic fees, priority service, waived emergency and after-hours fees, and $50 in bonus bucks each year that you remain on the plan, which can be used toward new equipment.

Eden Furnace Repair Will Keep Saving You Money in the Long Run

Furnace maintenance will not only prevent breakdowns and improve furnace efficiency, it will extend the overall lifespan of your furnace. Your furnace will last years longer because it was kept clean and well-tuned. Call Carolina Fuels at (336) 623-9741 to save money with a Comfort and Protection Service Agreement today.