What is a Mini Split HVAC System?

Like all technology, HVAC systems are constantly evolving. While it has been in existence since the 1950s, the ductless mini split HVAC system is recently gaining popularity. New models are more efficient than ever, even surpassing central air in energy savings.


What is a mini split AC system? Here’s an overview of this type of HVAC unit and how it works.


How the Mini Split System Works 

There are many clues to the way a ductless mini split system works right in the name. The first word to consider is “ductless” because a mini split system does not require ductwork. Air does not originate in one location to be forced through a series of ducts in order to be distributed throughout your home like in a central air system. The next keyword is “split” which refers to the fact that there is a separate unit in each room of your home, and each is connected to a single outdoor unit. The word “mini” simply refers to the small size of each indoor unit.

The wall mounted indoor unit in each room contains an evaporator coil filled with refrigerant. The evaporator absorbs heat from the indoor air, cools it down, and the fan blows it back out into the room. The heat that is absorbed travels through the conduit to the outdoor unit containing the condenser where it is released. The heating portion is essentially the same process, but in reverse.


A mini split system works like a heat pump in that it transfers heat from the inside to the outside and vice versa. A heat pump uses less energy than most other HVAC systems because it maximizes the heat that is available, using it as efficiently as possible.


Benefits of the Mini Split AC System 

There are many benefits to the mini split HVAC system, such as:


  • A mini split system is more efficient than a central air system for multiple reasons. One is the lack of ducts. Up to 30% of optimized air energy is lost through the ducts in a forced air system. Another way the mini split system is more efficient is the way heat is transferred, minimizing the amount of energy required to condition the air.
  • Custom climate per room. Each room in your home with a wall mounted unit can be set to the temperature that is desired for that room. This means that each individual can choose their own indoor climate. It also means that you can avoid heating or cooling rooms that are not being used, saving energy.
  • A ductless mini split AC system can be installed in any home and in any room. You don’t have to have existing ductwork or add any ductwork. It is ideal for added spaces, finished basements, and sunrooms.
  • Save money. The energy savings you get with a mini split system will save you money immediately and in the long run. You also save money on installation because you avoid paying for ducts to be installed throughout your room, which is a significant renovation.


Berico Installs Mini Split HVAC Systems

Looking for an AC company that installs ductless mini split HVAC systems? Berico installs mini split systems from a variety of manufacturers, including Lennox, American Standard, and Rheem. Before doing any HVAC installation, Berico can perform a thorough energy audit on your home to determine the best system for energy efficiency. This also includes an insulation check to look for areas where air might be escaping. The ultimate goal is to help you get the most out of your HVAC system.


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