10 Ways to Keep your Heating Bill Low

Are you already dreading the cold weather because it means you’ll have to pay your heating bill? Heating costs can be a drain on your budget, but there are ways to keep your bill lower. Consider these ten ways to reduce your heating bill this year and in the years to come. 

Furnace maintenance

The best way to keep your heating costs low is to make sure your furnace is operating efficiently. Schedule with Carolina Fuels in Eden, NC, furnace repair or tune-up before the weather gets cold.

Lower the temperature on your thermostat

The colder you can stand to keep it inside your home, the less heating energy you will use. Setting your thermostat to 68 is considered to be the optimal temperature for comfort and energy savings. 

Seal up your home

Look for any holes or places that air can get in or out. Look for gaps in weather stripping around doors and windows, close the fireplace flue, and shut the garage door once you’re inside. These are all ways that cold air can get in and cause your furnace to use more energy.

Have your ducts inspected for leaks

The ductwork for your furnace is one of the most likely culprits for lost energy. Any holes or leaks could mean losing a lot of heat that should be coming out through the vents to warm your home. 

Don’t block or close vents

Vents blocked by furniture, rugs, or curtains can diminish the effectiveness of heat distribution. Just like, closing some of the air vents causes uneven heating and issues with airflow. 

 Change your filters

This could be the mantra of HVAC companies everywhere. The first step in HVAC improvement is always to change your filters.

Add or Improve insulation

You could save energy by improving your insulation. You can either add more or upgrade to a higher quality type of insulation.

Use humidifiers around your home

As you know by the way the humidity makes you feel on a hot summer day, moist air retains more heat than dry air. Using humidifiers in your home can help your home stay warmer.


Use thermal window treatments to keep cold air out. If you have an older home with non-insulated windows, consider replacing your windows to keep cold air out and warm air in.

Make use of ceiling fans

It may seem counterproductive to turn on ceiling fans when it’s cold, but when set on low and circulating air toward the ceiling, it will help push warmer air down toward the floor. 


Eden, NC Furnace Repair by Carolina Fuels Saves you Money

The amount of money you’ll save on your heating bill significantly outweighs the cost of an inspection and tune-up for your furnace. Carolina Fuels in Eden, NC, offers furnace repair that is affordable and saves you money with heating fuel discounts and repair fee discounts. Call (336) 623-9741 today to schedule a furnace maintenance appointment or request service here.