4 Thermostat Tips and Tricks that can Reduce your Energy Bill

As the weather begins to change and you contemplate whether or not to turn on the heat on that first cold night, you may be hesitant for a good reason. No one wants to start paying to heat their home unless they have to. Heating energy can be costly. 

However, there are ways to reduce your energy bill, and some of them can be done simply by making some adjustments to your thermostat. Carolina Fuels, your Reidsville furnace repair service, wants you to be aware of these 4 thermostat tips and tricks that can help keep your heating costs lower this winter. 

Adjust the temperature when you’re away

Why heat an empty house? Consider turning the thermostat down when everyone’s going to be at work or school. It’s especially helpful if you’ll be gone for a few days or more to turn down the thermostat and save some energy.

Some people even prefer to sleep in cooler temperatures and just snuggle up under the covers, making it possible to turn the thermostat down a few degrees overnight. 

Install a programmable thermostat

Don’t want the hassle of turning the thermostat up and down all the time? Is it hard to remember to do so? Consider installing a programmable thermostat in your home. A programmable thermostat allows you to set specific temperatures for specific times of the day. The thermostat keeps the time and adjusts itself accordingly, so you don’t have to. Your Reidsville furnace repair company, Carolina Fuels, can install your programmable thermostat and teach you how to use it. 

Consider changing the location of your thermostat

You’ve probably never given much thought to the location of the thermostat in your home, but it can have a major effect on your home’s energy usage. A thermostat near a door that opens frequently can misinterpret the temperature and overheat your house. Try relocating your thermostat to a more central location away from doors and windows for a more accurate reading. If moving the thermostat isn’t an option, make your desired temperature a few degrees lower.

Implement zone heating in your home

 Does the upstairs always feel warmer than downstairs in your home? Do you prefer your bedrooms to be cooler than your main living areas? Zone heating allows you to set different temperatures for different areas of your home. Common configurations for zone heating are an upstairs and a downstairs zone. Other arrangements are possible as well, like bedrooms and living area zones. Each zone has it’s own thermostat for optimal temperature control.

Reduce your Heating Costs with Reidsville Furnace Repair

One of the best ways to keep heating costs low is to schedule preventive maintenance with your Reidsville furnace repair service. Routine maintenance at the start of the heating season will ensure your furnace is operating efficiently, which can reduce energy usage and cost. It can also help you avoid unexpected furnace problems once the cold weather sets in. 

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