5 Ways to Ensure Pests Don’t Enter your Home through your HVAC System

hvac unitsKeeping pests at bay can be a constant battle for homeowners. Like most of us, we appreciate nature but prefer it to stay outside in nature and not in our homes. You may think you have sealed up every spot where pests could enter your home, but there’s one area you may have overlooked: your HVAC system. Unfortunately, your heating and air conditioning system has to allow air to come in and go out, and that opens up your home to the potential for pests to enter. Prevention is the best measure, because once pests get in, it’s a lot more difficult to remove them. Here are some ways to keep your HVAC system pest-proof from your Reidsville air conditioner specialists, Carolina Fuels.


  • Seal ductwork. Make sure there are no holes or openings in your ducts where pests could get in. Insects can get in through even the smallest of holes. Seal up any openings you can see. This also keeps outside air from seeping in and reducing your HVAC efficiency.


  • Install screens over vents and flues. There are places where air has to be vented out. Cover your vents and flues with screens to keep bugs and other pests out while ventilation can still occur as it should.
  • Keep the area around your outdoor AC unit clear. The outside unit is a common favorite place for pests, but keeping it clear of weeds, leaves, and other debris can deter pests from the area. You could even use a non-toxic pest repellent around it.
  • Have your system inspected by Reidsville air conditioner specialists. Yearly maintenance can go a long way toward preventing pests from getting in through your HVAC system. A thorough inspection would reveal any existing pests and any potential areas where pests could enter. Maintenance typically includes cleaning and repairing any potential problems. And you get the added bonus of better efficiency from your air conditioner.
  • Have your ducts cleaned. Keeping the inside of your ducts clean offers many benefits, such as removing pests and any evidence of their nesting. It also makes your ductwork less desirable to pests looking for a place to nest.

Why is Pest Prevention so Important to my HVAC system?

Obviously, no one wants pests to enter their home. But the damage they can possibly inflict on your HVAC system is pretty severe. Nesting in ducts can cause damage, leaks, and animal waste and bacteria to enter your ventilation. An odor coming from your vents may be your first indication of an infestation. Snakes and rodents are the most common duct nesters. Bees and other types of stinging insects also like to nest in and around the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. Insect nests can block various parts of your AC unit, potentially causing damage.

Reidsville air conditioner specialists, Carolina Fuels, can help repair any damage caused by pests and help prevent pests from entering your system again, or in the first place. Whether or not you suspect you may have pest issues, Carolina Fuels can help. Call (336) 623-9741.