Gas Log Installation

Living room with fireplace burningAre you interested in gas logs for your home? Gas logs can be installed in an existing wood fireplace or a fireplace that was designed for gas logs. They can add warmth and ambiance to your home with a relatively simple installation. Some types don’t even require an actual fireplace to be in place. The versatility of gas logs is one of their biggest benefits. But choosing the right type for your home is important. Before you decide on gas logs for sale, consider some of the following things.

Choose Between Using Propane or Natural Gas Logs

If you already have natural gas access in your home, gas logs are most likely the easiest choice. However, some homeowners still choose propane because they can operate the logs separate from their other gas appliances. If natural gas is not available in your area, propane may be your only choice when it comes to having a gas log fireplace.

The Next Choice: Vented or Vent-Free Gas Logs

Vented Vent-Free

·       cost less to purchase

·       offer ambiance more than heat

·       realistic flame

·       no CO detector needed

·       no smell


·       create more heat (can heat a full room)

·       less pollution

·       use less fuel

·       no ventilation necessary, more flexible use


·       produce less heat

·       use more fuel

·       need a chimney or other ventilation


·       may increase indoor humidity

·       depletes oxygen in the room

·       requires oxygen depletion and CO detectors

·       less realistic flame

·       slight odor released


Choosing your ventilation type may also depend on your home. If you already have a wood or other vented fireplace, installing vented logs may be the easiest choice. If you lack a ventilated space, vent-free logs can be installed in a cabinet or other space that is able to withstand the heat created. Heating a full-size room is easier for a vent-free fireplace, but a vented fireplace offers supplemental warmth for an already heated space.

The Advantages of Gas Logs over a Wood Burning Fireplace

  • Gas logs burn clean, leaving no ashes behind to shovel and no chimney to sweep.
  • You won’t have to cut, haul, or purchase wood.
  • You’ll experience fewer allergy symptoms from all the particles released into the air when wood is burned.
  • Gas log fireplaces are safer for your home and family.
  • Enjoy the ambiance of a fire at the flip of a switch.

Gas Logs for Sale and Quality Installation by Carolina Fuels

Once you’ve decided to purchase gas logs, whether or not you’ve decided on a type yet, go ahead and contact Carolina Fuels at (336)273-8663. Expert technicians have experience installing all kinds of gas log fireplaces and can help you choose the best type for your home. Whatever kind of fireplace you have in your home and even if you don’t have one at all, Carolina Fuels can help you achieve the glowing warmth a fireplace brings to a home.