HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

cat on tableDid you know that your furry, 4 legged friends can affect your HVAC system? If you have pets in your home there are some extra maintenance steps you should take regularly to keep your heating and cooling system from being affected by your furry family members. Avoid frequent AC repair in Reidsville from damage inflicted by pets.


  • Change your filters often. Pets tend to shed, and that excess hair ends up in your HVAC filters, which clogs them and disrupts air flow. Also, if you or anyone in your household suffers from allergies, changing your filters regularly, perhaps even monthly, can improve allergy symptoms by eliminating allergens before they get into your ducts.
  • Have your ducts cleaned. Duct cleaning can remove pet hair and dander that gets past the filters and into your ductwork. Duct cleaning can be done as often as you wish, but yearly is probably enough as long as you’re keeping up with changing your filters. If you’ve never had it done, you’re likely way past due for a thorough cleaning.
  • Clean up hair regularly. Do your best to clean pet hair off of floors and furniture as often as possible. The less hair lying around, the less that hair will find its way into your HVAC system. Consider investing in a vacuum that is specifically designed to clean up pet hair.
  • Keep pets well groomed. Take your pet to a groomer to remove excess hair and to keep the hair shorter. In between appointments at the groomer, brush your pets to remove excess hair. When pets have less loose hair on them, they shed less and there won’t be as much hair floating around your home.
  • Protect your outdoor unit. If pets can get to your AC unit while outside unsupervised, they can potentially cause damage. Dogs or cats may claw at the outdoor unit which could damage the unit and possibly injure them as well. Also, keep pets from urinating on the outdoor unit, which can cause corrosion of the fins and coils. Either keep your pets fenced in away from the unit, or put a fence around the unit to keep them out. Just be sure to allow plenty of space for air flow around it.
  • Schedule regular AC maintenance. Every air conditioner needs to be cleaned and tuned up each year, and that is especially true for AC units in homes with pets. A big part of AC maintenance is a thorough cleaning of the system, which will remove any pet hair that has found its way into the system.


Carolina Fuels Understands that Your Pets are Family

Whatever kind of pets you have, from dogs to cats to parakeets, you love them like family. And since they also live in your home, it’s important to keep the above tips in mind follow them regularly, not only for the good of your HVAC system, but for the health of your pets and the rest of your family. Schedule AC repair in Reidsville to get a thorough cleaning of your system for a fresh start, then these tips should help keep your system clean in between yearly maintenance. Call Carolina Fuels today: (336) 623-0741.