4 Tips for Protecting your AC Unit During Storms

thunderstormThe warm weather season can bring out the worst in Mother Nature. From thunderstorms to hurricanes and even tornadoes, weather can sometimes be severe and the outdoor unit of your air conditioner could be at risk for damage. There are some measures you can take to protect your AC unit during storms so that you can avoid unnecessary AC repair in Burlington. Try these tips when extreme weather is headed your way. 

  1. Turn off your AC during a thunderstorm. This is a very basic step that can go a long way in protecting your system from an electrical surge due to lightning. Air conditioners run primarily on electricity, and outdoor units are susceptible to lighting strikes. By turning off your AC during a thunderstorm, it is less likely to be damaged by lightning. It may get a little warm inside your home, but thunderstorms usually pass quickly so your discomfort should be short-lived. 
  2. Get a cover for your outdoor AC unit. There are covers specifically designed for air conditioner units that will keep debris out. When storms bring high winds, all sorts of things can blow into your AC unit that can cause damage. The cover will save you from having to clean out your unit after each storm. An AC cover can be especially helpful if you have a vacation home that you don’t year-round. As part of your closing ritual for the season, put the cover on your AC unit after it’s been turned off. Never put the cover on when the air conditioner is running, and be sure to turn it off through your thermostat so that it won’t come on at all when the cover is on it. If your system has a master power switch for the unit, turn it off. Only use a proper AC cover. Never use plastic, such as a trash bag or plastic wrap, because it will seal in unwanted moisture.  
  3. Remove hazards from the area. One of the best things you can do is to be proactive before a storm. If you know severe weather is coming, secure things like outdoor furniture and put away any heavy items that could be blown against your AC unit and cause damage. Look for dead trees or dead limbs in your yard and remove them before the storm.  
  4. Take precautions for flooding. Flooding from heavy rains or hurricanes can damage your outdoor unit. Make sure you have adequate drainage to prevent water from pooling. In severe flooding, use sandbags or other methods to divert water away from your AC unit. If you live near the water, consider installing your outdoor unit on a raised platform.  

If your AC Unit Gets Damaged by Storms, Call Alamance Oil for AC Repair in Burlington 

In the unfortunate event that a storm causes damage to your air conditioner unit, Alamance Oil can repair or replace it. When it comes to AC repair in Burlington, Alamance Oil is a trusted name with decades of experience in the HVAC industry. Call today: (336) 226-9371.