Propane Can Do That? 7 Things that May Surprise You

How much do you know about propane? You may know that it’s a clean-burning, non-toxic fuel that is often used to heat homes and fuel backyard grills. But propane can do so much more, probably more than you’re even aware of. It’s a versatile alternative to natural gas, electricity, heating oil, and other common fuels. Consider all that Burlington propane can do. 

  1. Power School Buses – Many school buses run on diesel fuel, but propane is an increasingly popular option since it is cleaner than diesel. Propane engines are quieter, which increases safety by making it easier for drivers to hear what’s going on around them. It is also cheaper due to price and efficiency. Propane performs better in freezing temperatures than diesel, making it easy to start school buses in any weather.  
  2. Power Mowers  Burlington propane is a greener alternative to gasoline, which is especially important to landscapers and homeowners who want to preserve the beauty of nature. Propane’s efficiency means fewer trips to the gas station. Plus, you can ditch those messy gas cans. 
  3. Heat Water  Using propane as water heating fuel just makes sense, especially in the case of tankless or on-demand water heaters. It can also be used to heat pools and hot tubs. 
  4. Dry Clothes – Propane clothes dryers run more efficiently than electric and eliminate static cling almost entirely. Clothes dry faster and won’t stick together. 
  5. Power Forklifts and Material Handling Equipment  Want a competitive edge? Propane can more cheaply power forklifts and other machinery used indoors — without releasing harmful fumes into warehouses and factories.  
  6. Fuel Farm Machinery – Just like other equipment that usually runs on diesel, farm vehicles and agricultural machinery are becoming more commonly powered by propane. The same benefits apply here, such as efficiency, cleanliness, and affordability.  
  7. Combined with Diesel and Used in a Dual-Fuel System – The newest technology in propane engines is dual-fuel system that runs on a mixture of diesel and propane, allowing farmers to use their existing equipment and still be in compliance with Tier 4 standards in emissions.  

These are just some of the latest uses for this versatile fuel that you may not have been aware of before. Homeowners and business owners alike can benefit from these new uses of propane in Burlington, NC, and throughout the country 

Burlington Propane Supplier Alamance Oil Provides Fuel for These New Uses and More 

While you may be surprised by the versatility of propane, its uses are only expanding. As it grows in popularity and demand, more appliances, vehicles, machinery, and other items will be designed to run on propane. Because of its cleaner emissions, soon there may even be tax incentives available for powering more equipment with propane.  

Alamance Oil provides propane and other types of fuels to the Burlington areaas well as maintenance and repair for equipment, such as residential and commercial furnaces and other appliances. 

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