Propane Facts and Statistics that May Surprise You

You may already know a lot about propane, such as the fact that it burns clean and that it is an efficient source of energy for home heating and other uses. Alamance Oil, your propane supplier in Burlington, wants you to know about these lesser-known facts so that you can be a well-informed propane customer. 

  • In its natural state, propane has no smell. The addition of the rotten-egg-like smell serves as a safety precaution in case of a leak. 
  • Propane clothes dryers produce less static and dry clothes faster. You may have known that propane dryers exist, but did you know that they are more efficient at drying your clothes? It’s true. Your clothes will dry in a shorter amount of time. Propane dryers also produce less static electricity, perhaps preventing the need for dryer sheets.  
  • The U.S. produces almost 90% of all the propane supplies. The remaining 10% comes from Canada and Mexico.  
  • Propane is lightweight. In liquid form propane is only half the weight of water, making it easily transportable and more convenient to handle, especially in small cylinders like the ones used for grilling.  
  • Propane only burns at extremely high temperatures. One of the safest qualities of propane is that it has to reach a temperature of 920 degrees Fahrenheit to ignite.  
  • If leaked, propane gas is harmless. Propane doesn’t damage the water or soil, because it leaves no residue that could cause long term damage.  
  • Propane: more than just for household uses. Commonly used in homes for heating, cooking, and other appliances, propane has many commercial applications. One of the many uses for propane is vehicle fuel. Industrial sectors use propane for soldering and cutting. Agricultural applications include crop drying and fruit ripening.  
  • Propane is a byproduct of gasoline evaporation. Gasoline has a notoriously high rate of evaporation. Scientist, Dr. Walter Snelling discovered propane as a byproduct gas that gasoline produces upon evaporation. Further experimentation uncovered the multiple uses for propane.   

Some Things You May Not Know About Alamance Oil 

With your increased knowledge of propane, here are some things that you should know about leading propane supplier in Burlington: Alamance Oil. 

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