Steps to Take if you Suspect a Propane Gas Leak

Gas flameA propane gas leak is a very serious matter, and should not be taken lightly. While propane is a safe fuel that only burns at very high temperatures, a leak could lead to a high concentration of gas in a certain area and a spark could cause it to ignite. If you smell gas or suspect a leak for any reason, your Reidsville propane supplier, Carolina Fuels, recommends taking the following steps.

Step 1: Put Out Any Source of Flame or Spark. If you’re grilling, turn off your grill. If you’re home, turn off your furnace. Put out candles and any other source of flame. Do not use electricity.

Step 2: Turn off the Gas Valve on your Propane Tank. If you can, turn your propane off at the tank valve. Simply turn it clockwise until it won’t turn any further. If you can’t figure out how to turn it off or if you are having trouble turning the valve, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Get Away. If you smell propane inside your home, get yourself and your family out immediately. If you smell propane outside, leave the vicinity. Do not go back inside your home. Get to a safe distance before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Call your Reidsville Propane Supplier. Once you are a safe distance away, use your cell phone or another phone to call your propane supplier and alert them that there may be a leak. If you can’t get your propane company on the phone, call 911. Your local fire department will respond to a potential gas leak if necessary.

Step 5: Stay Away until the Area is Deemed Safe. Do not return to your home until it is determined to be safe according to your propane supplier or another emergency responder. Only take the word of a professional in this case.

Prevent Propane Gas Leaks with Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Propane gas leaks are not common, but unfortunately they can happen. However, you can help prevent them by scheduling routine inspection and maintenance for your tank and gas line. Your Reidsville propane supplier will typically do an inspection when refilling your tank. But if it’s been a while since your last refill, it would be wise to have an inspection. Large tanks won’t necessarily need to be refilled every year; it depends on the amount of propane your household uses. For ultimate safety, an inspection should be done yearly whether or not you get a refill.

Carolina Fuels Performs Propane Tank and Gas Line Inspections

Safe propane use is a top priority for Carolina Fuels. Whether you’re new to propane use or you’re a seasoned pro, always exercise proper safety precautions when it comes to your propane tank, gas line, and appliances. If you’re ever unsure about any aspect of your propane, contact your Reidsville propane supplier, Carolina Fuels: (336) 623-9741. Consider signing up for a Comfort and Protect Service Plan for regular HVAC maintenance and propane delivery. Your inspections and tank refills will be automatic, meaning you don’t have to try and remember to call. Let Carolina Fuels handle all of your propane and home comfort needs.