The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

allergiesYou probably don’t give much thought to the air that you breathe. You may use air fresheners to keep your home smelling nice, medication to keep your allergies at bay, and household cleaners to disinfect surfaces in your home. What if you could eliminate the need for all of those things with just one product? Air Scrubber Plus is a household air purification system that not only cleans the air, but your surfaces too. If you’re looking into air purifier installation in Greensboro, NC, give the Air Scrubber Plus some serious consideration.

How it Works

The Air Scrubber Plus is designed to be installed in any forced air heating and air conditioning system. As air passes out of your HVAC system and through the Air Scrubber Plus system, it is not only filtered, but purified. Air moves through the honeycomb surface coated with titanium oxide that reacts to the specialized germ-killing UV light, creating pure oxygen and hydrogen molecules that are released into the air. These molecules “scrub” the air clean the same way they do in nature. In this way, Air Scrubber Plus is more than just an air filtration system.

Benefits to Air Scrubber Plus Technology

  • Easy to install. The Air Scrubber Plus is installed in the ductwork of your existing heating and cooling system. Your HVAC technician can install it quickly and easily.
  • The Air Scrubber not only filters toxins out of the air, but it kills germs and allergens, and even generates oxygen and hydrogen for cleaner air.
  • You won’t hear any additional sounds coming from your HVAC system than you did before the Air Scrubber Plus was installed. It operates quietly.
  • Low maintenance. No more maintenance is required for your Air Scrubber than your yearly HVAC tune-up.
  • Cleaner home. You will find that you have to dust less, vacuum less, and wipe down surfaces less often because the air in your home is so clean.
  • Can reduce allergy symptoms. When toxins, particles, and allergens are removed from the indoor air, allergy symptoms improve. The Air Scrubber Plus also keeps air pollutants from settling on surfaces in your home, making your home virtually allergen-free.
  • Extend the life of your HVAC system. The cleaner the air inside your home, the less dust and debris end up in your heating and cooling system, helping it to run more efficiently, require less maintenance, and last longer.

Contact Berico for Expert Air Purifier Installation in Greensboro, NC

If you want to experience all the benefits of the Air Scrubber Plus, contact Berico, your heating and cooling company. Berico provides air purifier installation in Greensboro, NC for new and existing customers. Any manufacturer or model of forced air furnace or air conditioner can be fitted with an Air Scrubber Plus air purification system. An affordable, effective option for removing allergens and toxins from the air in your home, the Air Scrubber technology is the most advanced option on the market today. Call Berico today: (336)273-8663.