4 Ways to Be Sure your HVAC System is Ready for a Change in Seasons

spring flowersAs the Earth travels around the sun the seasons inevitably change. And with the change of the seasons comes the need to change your HVAC system to the appropriate home comfort setting. Whether you’re going from heat to cool or vice versa, how do you know if your system is ready to make the switch? Is there any way to know ahead of time if you’ll need AC repair in Reidsville? There are 4 precise ways to be sure your HVAC system is going to operate properly on the first warm day.

  • Inspect it. Look over your air conditioning system, both the indoor and outdoor unit. When checking the indoor unit, make sure there’s nothing sitting too close or on top of it. Dust it off, but don’t go inside of it or take anything apart unless you have the experience to do so without causing damage. Check the outside unit for leaves, sticks, or other yard debris that maybe have settled on top or around it. Remove any weeds or tree branches that have encroached on it during the offseason.
  • Replace the filters. With each change in season, it’s a good idea to replace your filters. The dust, dirt, hair, and other debris will clog the filter and inhibit air flow into your air conditioner. It can even manage to get through or around the filter when it builds up excessively. You can replace your filters more often if you suffer from allergies to remove more allergens from the air. If your home is newly built or you’ve had a recent home renovation you should replace filters monthly for the first few months following construction.
  • Turn it on. Test your AC by turning it on and setting the desired temperature lower than the current indoor temperature. Listen as it comes on and while it runs. Watch to see that it reaches the desired indoor temperature and shuts off properly.
  • Schedule professional maintenance. The best thing you can do to be sure your HVAC system is ready for a new season is the schedule professional maintenance. Have a reliable HVAC service inspect and tune up your system with each change in seasons. Any potential problems will be discovered before the weather changes so that you can avoid unfortunate surprises that may result in the need for emergency AC repair in Reidsville.

Carolina Fuels Offers Seasonal Maintenance for your HVAC System

At each season change, call Carolina Fuels to schedule an inspection and tune-up for your system. Or to make it effortless, sign up for a Comfort and Protection Service Agreement and Carolina Fuels will contact you to schedule a maintenance appointment. The Comfort and Protection Service Agreement comes with additional benefits, such as:

  • 20% off diagnostics
  • 20% off repairs
  • Priority service
  • No additional after-hours charges on repairs
  • $50 in Bonus Bucks that are good toward new equipment
  • $500 off a new oil or propane furnace

Call today to schedule AC repair in Reidsville and become a priority customer when you sign up for a Comfort and Protection Service Plan at Carolina Fuels: (336) 623-9741.