7 Signs You May Need to Call a Professional for Furnace Repair

Most of the time, your furnace operates in the background while you go about your life. As long as the thermostat is set properly, you don’t need to worry about anything – the system just runs when it should, and the house stays comfortable. When problems pop up, however, you might need to call for prompt repair to get back on track.


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1 – Your Furnace is Loud or making weird noises

Even if you don’t pay particularly close attention, you probably know what your furnace is supposed to sound like just from living in your home day after day. If the furnace starts to make unusual noises when it is running, that’s a likely sign that there is something going wrong in the system.


2 – Your Home is Cold

This might be the most obvious sign of all. As they say, a dead giveaway. The furnace is supposed to heat up the house, so if it can’t get that job done, the time may have come to have it looked at by an experienced professional. There is no way to know what kind of repair will be required until an HVAC pro checks it out in person.


3 – Strong Smells Coming from the Furnace

As with the sound that your furnace makes, you probably also know if it usually generates any kind of smell. If there is suddenly a strong smell coming from the area where the furnace lives, or through the vents while the air is being moved around the house, something may be wrong.


4 – Costs Go Up

Pay attention to your energy bills to make sure you aren’t using more energy than expected based on the weather conditions outside. Any bill you receive will include not only the dollar amount that you need to pay, but also the units of energy you have consumed. Monitor those numbers and look into repairs if they keep climbing.


5 – It’s Been a While

No furnace will continue running indefinitely without encountering problems. If you know that your furnace hasn’t been serviced or inspected in a long time, schedule an appointment to have it checked out from top to bottom.


6 – It’s Always On

Your furnace shouldn’t be running all the time, even if it is cold outside. If it seems like the furnace is constantly turning on and running during the day, even if the cycles are short, it might not be functioning correctly.


7 – Dirty Air

Have you noticed that the air quality in your house has declined recently? When that happens, it’s another potential sign that your furnace needs some kind of repair. The air that comes out of your vents while the furnace is on should be clean, and if it’s dirty, you’ll want to get to the bottom of that issue as soon as possible.


To have your furnace checked out and tuned up before you experience any of these issues give your friends at Berico a call today: (336) 226-9371