Eden NC Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair in Eden, NC

Eden NC Furnace RepairNever attempt to perform furnace repair in Eden, NC yourself. A certified technician should always be called when you believe your furnace needs servicing. Listed below are some dangers that a neglected furnace may have. If you suspect any of these in your home, please call Carolina Fuels today at 336-623-9471.

Carbon Monoxide

Some dangers that can arise from faulty furnace repair include carbon monoxide poisoning. Since 2000 there have been more than 100 carbon monoxide deaths in the United States related to furnace or hot water heater issues. A do-it-yourselfer who does not have adequate knowledge of furnaces and furnace repair runs a risk of accidentally allowing carbon monoxide to enter their home. There are two problems from carbon monoxide leaks related to furnaces. One is carbon monoxide poisoning which can cause nauseous and flu-like symptoms. If these leaks occur at night and the people in the house don’t wake up, carbon monoxide can kill. The other potential problem from a gas like is a fire and or explosion. Any spark, such as from faulty wiring or a cigarette lighter could set off an explosion.

Dirty Burners

Sometimes when the burner of a furnace burns yellow instead of white or blue, it means that there is dirt in the burner. If a home owner tries to fix this issue for themselves, they run the risk of starting a fire that can destroy their home. Of course, conversely, if the flame is yellow something must be done or there will be a fire danger from neglect. Calling a furnace repair technician is the safest way to take care of this dangerous situation.

Leak in Gas Line

At times, when there are problems with the flame, and improper ventilation, a home owner may try to fix the issue, and then relight the pilot light on their furnace. The danger in this issue can be an explosion. This danger can vary in severity. If the gas that explodes remains in the compartment where the pilot light is, the person lighting it might be “lucky” and have a fireball come at their head. In this situation a lucky person might only have their hair and eyebrows burned. An unlucky person has their skin and maybe their eyes damaged. If there is a gas leak and the fire reaches it, a true disaster can happen causing death of the person lighting the furnace, and possibly anyone else in the house.

The simple solution to fixing a furnace in Eden, NC and avoiding illness, injury, or even more devastation is to have a professional work on the furnace. There are some tasks around the house that are truly do-it-yourself, and there are other tasks that are best left to the professionals. Call Carolina Fuels today at 336-623-9741 for furnace repair in Eden, Reidsville, Madison, NC and surrounding areas.