HVAC in Greensboro: Now is the Ideal Time for Maintenance Checks

HVAC in GreensboroMost homeowners make the mistake of waiting until it gets cold and their furnace goes out before they call for maintenance. Actually, now is the perfect time for servicing your HVAC in Greensboro NC. The weather is transitioning from hot to cold and, during this transition, service technicians can perform routine maintenance to ensure that when cold weather arrives, your heating unit is performing efficiently. Plus, by having your heating and cooling system maintenance performed now, it could save you money. Research has shown that by performing annual maintenance, homeowners can actually save money since well-maintained units break down less often than poorly maintained units.

Routine Maintenance on HVAC in Greensboro Includes

  • Lubrication of all those moving parts. Just like your car needs oil to adequately lubricate all the moving parts of the engine, your heating and cooling system also needs lubrication to keep things moving smoothly.

  • Checking electrical wires and connections to ensure they are adequately tightened and there are no loose wires or damage to the wires.

  • Checking your thermostat to ensure that it is working properly. The HVAC unit can only keep your home at a comfortable temperature if the thermostat is working properly.

  • Cleaning the condenser unit. A dirty condenser unit increases the workload on your unit and can cause unexpected repairs. By keeping the unit clean, you use less electricity and the unit works more efficiently.

  • Check coolant levels. While some may believe that more is better, coolant levels can err on the side of too little or too much. A service technician checks to ensure your unit has just the right level, not too much or too little. This also ensures that your unit performs optimally for keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

  • Check blower components. Airflow can cause your system to loose heating efficiency. Cleaning and making adjustments to the blower components ensures that your unit is providing the best airflow possible, saving energy and puts dollars in your pocket.

  • Check to ensure unit cycles on and off properly. Homeowners generally know if the unit is on or off but the technicians actually check to make sure the HVAC unit is cycling on and off properly. In other words, is the unit cycling on or off too much (unnecessary wear and tear) or is the unit staying on too much (indicative of other issues). These checkups can identify a small issues that may require furnace repairs and prevents them from becoming major issues later.

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