The Benefits of Using a Propane Delivery service in Burlington

propane delivery service in burlingtonWhen the weather cools down and the nights get crisp, you know the heating season has begun. And if you have a propane furnace, this is the time to consider having your propane tank refilled. Don’t wait until you run out on a cold winter day or night. That’s when propane suppliers are busiest and you may have to wait for a delivery. When it comes to choosing a supplier, there are advantages to choosing a local propane delivery service in Burlington, NC like Alamance Oil.

Look for a full service HVAC company and fuel supplier in one

A lot of propane suppliers perform only one service: propane tank delivery and refill. But there are benefits to using a propane supplier that can also repair and maintain your furnace. Such a company will be more knowledgeable about HVAC systems and therefore be able to more accurately calculate your propane usage and time deliveries accordingly so that you never run out. If for some reason you run out of propane ahead of schedule, an HVAC service will be able to find out why. If your furnace is using too much propane, it indicates a problem or a need for repair. It is much more convenient to have a propane supplier with HVAC knowledge.

Find an affordable propane delivery/maintenance plan for convenience

Occasional furnace maintenance is necessary in addition to periodic propane deliveries. Why not take care of both at the same time with one visit from one company? Plans that combine both are not only more convenient, but they make both services more affordable. Yearly maintenance for your furnace keeps it running smoothly and efficiently. You will save money on energy when your furnace is clean and tuned up. You also avoid emergency repairs that could be costly in the middle of a cold winter. Every fall you should have furnace maintenance and a propane refill to be sure your heating system is ready for winter.

Save on Propane with a Comfort and Protection Plan from Alamance Oil

Alamance Oil, your HVAC service in Burlington and propane supplier, offers Comfort and Protection Plans that include yearly preventive maintenance and propane savings through more efficient furnaces.  The plans offer additional benefits such as 20% off repairs and diagnostic fees, priority service, and $50 bonus bucks with each year you are on the plan. We even waive the after-hours charge if you happen to need emergency service. Alamance Oil is more than a propane supplier; we are a full service heating and air conditioning company serving Burlington and the surrounding area. When it comes to home heating, we are experts. Schedule fuel delivery, schedule HVAC service, or call (336) 226-9371.