6 Environmental Benefits of Using Propane

There are a few different energy options available for both household and commercial use. Electricity, natural gas, heating oil, propane, and more. If environmental impact is a key consideration in your choice, propane should be at the top of your list. Any propane supplier in Eden can tell you the environmental benefits of using propane. Here are 6 of the best reasons:  

  1. No Air Pollution. Propane burns clean and emissions are minimal, meaning it has much less impact on air quality than other fuels. Propane has an extremely low carbon content, which is the reason it produces very little carbon monoxide and almost no Sulphur. It is not considered to be a greenhouse gas.  
  2. No Effect on Water. In the case of a leak, propane does not pollute water supplies, which is an important environmental benefit. Both freshwater and saltwater ecosystems are unharmed by propane, including marine life and plant life.  
  3. No Effect on Soil. A propane spill will do no harm to the soil, including the plants and organisms living in it.  
  4. High Efficiency. Propane is an extremely efficient fuel that burns hotter and creates more heat per BTU than other fuels. This means that less of it is required to attain the same amount of energy as other fuels.  
  5. Propane vapor is not harmful if inhaled. Accidental propane inhalation does not have any negative effects on people or animals. 
  6. Propane use in vehicles reduces smog. Harmful exhaust that contributes to smog is reduced by 70% when propane is used instead of gasoline or diesel fuel. Many propane-powered vehicles are EPA certified.  

Find a Reliable Propane Supplier in Eden and Save Money 

Successful propane use depends on having a reliable propane supplier. You need a supplier who plans automatic deliveries so that you never run out, who offers pricing plans and payment plans to make fuel more affordable, and who can also provide maintenance for your tank and gas lines as well as your furnace.  

Carolina Fuels, a top propane supplier in Eden, offers all of that and more. As a customer of Carolina Fuels, you’ll enjoy all sorts of savings and perks. You can even switch propane suppliers for free because Carolina Fuels will swap out your old supplier’s tank with a new one at no charge. Call (336) 623-9741 today to become a new propane customer.