7 Propane Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

gas stove litPropane is a widely used home and commercial energy source. It is cleaning-burning, non-toxic, and safe, as long as it is used properly. Of all the available heating fuels in Burlington, propane is one of the top choices. Propane is a versatile and efficient option that is accessible to everyone – even those without access to natural gas.  

Whether you’re new to propane or a seasoned customer, here are 8 propane safety tips that everyone should know.  

  1. Store propane outside. If you use propane for home heat or other household uses, you most likely have a large tank outside on your property. If you use small propane tanks for your fireplace or outside grilling, you should not store those tanks indoors, not even in the basement.  
  2. Do not leave propane tanks in closed vehicles. The extreme heat that can build up in closed vehicles is dangerous for propane tanks.  
  3. Never use propane inside. Propane grills, heaters, or generators should never be used inside your home. 
  4. Always have an expert attach propane tanks and gas line to appliances.  Among the many other services available, Alamance Oil has certified technicians that ensure your tanks and lines are properly hooked up. 
  5. If you smell propane: Extinguish any flamesget everyone away from the area, turn off your propane valve (if you know how to do so), and call your propane supplier immediately. Do not reenter the area until a trained expert says it is safe to do so. Propane is naturally odorless, however, a rotten egg smell is added to make it detectable in the event of a leak. 
  6. Don’t let your tank get empty. Allowing your tank to completely run out of propane is a safety hazard. An empty tank is susceptible to moisture and air getting inside. Pressurization issues can occur, causing damage to your tank or gas lines. When your tank is refilled, be sure your propane supplier knows that it was empty so that the proper safety checks can be performed, and precautions taken 
  7. Install propane gas detectors. A propane detector does not rely on the smell of propane. It can identify propane even if it has lost its smell, which can occur over time. An alarm will sound if the detector senses a certain concentration of propane. 

Alamance Oil is your Partner in Safety for Propane and other Heating Fuels in Burlington 

The safe use of propane is augmented by your partnership with a reputable propane supplier. Your supplier provides you with a propane tank and can also handle the maintenance of that tank. Regular refills can be made to ensure you never run out of propane. Alamance Oil supplies a variety of heating fuels in Burlington, of which propane is a top choice. If you’re interested in switching propane suppliers, Alamance Oil offers free tank swap-outs for new customers. Call (336) 226-9371 today to speak with a propane expert at Alamance Oil.